Can Painting Your Steel Building Save You Money?

Published October 8, 2013 by Whirlwind Team

painted steel building

When you purchase pre-fabricated steel metal buildings, roofs and canopies, they typically come with a factory coating that is very hard and abrasion-resistant. Some clients choose not to paint these surfaces because they’re satisfied with their look and performance as is. However, others prefer to paint the surfaces to further protect them, give them a different look or improve their environmental performance. 


While steel’s factory-finished surface will last for many years, it can deteriorate over time like any other material. Depending on weather and usage conditions, the surface may scratch or erode and develop a “chalky” look and feel. Priming and painting a building’s metal panels will improve the life of the protective factory coating, which can save you money and time down the line.


Proper maintenance of the building exterior is the best way to preserve a structure’s original appearance. On the flipside, painting the surface of your metal building is the easiest way to change its entire look. The wide variety of paints for metal buildings makes it easy to find the paint type and color that best suits your building, whether you’re creating a new structure or repurposing an existing one. On top of improving the immediate appearance, paint helps preserve a building’s finish by protecting against rust and corrosion.

Environmental Performance

One of the best reasons to paint your metal building is to improve its environmental efficiency.  Lighter-colored paints will reflect heat away from the metal surface, making it easier to keep your building cool. Many paints now contain solar-reflective pigments, improving this effect even more—especially where cool metal roofs are concerned.  Conversely, if you want to keep the building warm instead, darker paints will help to absorb heat. Choosing your paint color carefully can help improve your utilities performance for these buildings and save you money in the process.

If you choose an environmentally-friendly paint, you’ll be even "greener."  Many paint manufacturers now offer paints that use only water or latex as binding options (instead of hazardous compounds) and feature low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemical gases emitted from certain solids or liquids which can be detrimental to both the environment and human and animal health. Choosing paints with low or no VOCs is one way to ensure you’re being environmentally-responsible. Many customers prefer to do business with companies they know care about the environment, so being eco-friendly also carries the advantage of attracting more customers.

An Easy Solution

It’s not any more difficult to paint metal buildings than it is to paint wood or stone structures.  The surface should be cleaned, any scratches or other flaws should be sealed and primer should be applied. After you finish all of the prep work, you’re ready to paint.

There are many good reasons for painting your metal building, roof or canopy, so what are you waiting for? Start painting today and see just how much it can do for your metal structure.

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