How to Build your Own Metal Workshop

Published February 11, 2013 by Whirlwind Team

WorkshopIf you get involved in some hobbies or businesses, you may need to learn how to build your own metal workshop. Thankfully this is not too difficult to plan out. The hardest part will be finding qualified people for the construction. 

Determine the Size you Need

While friends or partners may say that you can never have too much space, it really does lead to unnecessary expense if you create a metal workshop that is too big. Land, materials, insurance and utilities are all more expensive for a larger building. You may also be encouraged to go with a larger metal structure at the expense of quality. 

The right metal workshop will have room for working on projects, along with a small office and space for utility features like an air conditioning or air compressor. You may also want to build a bathroom on-site. Thankfully, as part of a metal workshop, none of these features are expected to be that luxurious, and shouldn't take up much space.

Design Your Electrical Set-up

Having easy access to electricity is important when you're working with power tools. Not only that, but you need access to the types of outlets that will work with your machinery, and that will keep people safe. Prevent issues with running long lengths of tangled cord and other potential hazards by placing outlets in convenient areas. Wire for 220 volts right off the bat, and bring in an expert in to wire things if you aren't that experienced.

Organize Your Equipment for Easy Use and Clean-up

Depending upon the purpose of your workshop, you'll likely have an array of equipment, raw materials and works-in-progress on-site at the same time. Organize these things on paper before starting building construction. Once you know the best placement for these elements, it will be much easier to construct a metal workshop that meets your needs.

Hiring a Competent Construction Pro

You'll want to find someone with experience in creating metal buildings who also has insurance and access to affordable supplies. This is a much better way to save money than hiring an amateur to piece something together. Proper construction will prevent so many problems down the road that choosing to work with someone less qualified boils down to a bad investment.

Having a basic idea of the building you want and the features you need goes a long way in saving money, but knowing how to build your own metal workshop often boils down to figuring out the best person to give your money.

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