Building a Metal Indoor Sports Center: An Introduction

Published May 26, 2017 by Whirlwind Team

metal indoor sports facilty

According to a 2016 study, youth sports is a $9 billion industry. Major and minor league sports teams are on the look-out for quality all-purpose sports facilities for training and league play. In general, athletics is enjoying more popularity than ever before.

Building a metal indoor sports center is an excellent way to create a source of income for yourself, entertainment for your community, and improve property values for your town or city.

Investors often shy away from sports complexes because start-up costs can run so high. In past years, a substantial portion of that investment involved traditional construction using concrete or wood framing. Opting to build a steel building produces significant cost savings and has a positive impact on the success of your business.


The advantages of steel construction for sports centers and recreational buildings

Recreation centers are often built from brick or wood to give the illusion of quality. Steel buildings don't have a history of appearing comfortable and inviting. Fortunately there have been advances in design and insulation that improve the look and feel of steel structures.

Certain types of indoor recreational sports buildings have built with steel for decades already. Skating rinks and indoor skate parks, gyms and family fun centers have relied on the savings of steel for many years to cut down on their initial investments.

Whether you are planning to use public or private funds, who doesn’t want to save money while creating an exciting community resource?

Prefabricated steel building kits are not only cost-effective, they have other advantages.

  • No need for cutting to fit on the jobsite
  • Less waste material to haul off
  • All fasteners and other materials come with the kit
  • Quick erection
  • High levels of quality assurance and control

Steel is the most durable building material available; steel buildings can stand for decades, remaining useful long after a wood-framed building has been demolished. Other attractive properties of steel include:

  • Providing design flexibility
  • Low maintenance and repair needs
  • Easily constructed as an energy saving or green facility
  • Recyclable without the loss of strength

The ability of steel to assume any shape or size facility means you can offer a versatile sports center that is able to accommodate a wide range of sports and athletic activity. If you can stage a basketball game one night and turn the facility over to provide an arena for gymnastics the next day, you can multiply your opportunities for revenue.

Steel building design includes the flexibility to conform to any function, including creating multiple smaller areas or wide open, column-free spaces.

Building communities with steel sports facilities

Sports facilities have a history of becoming a treasured part of their communities, and drawing in visitors from other areas. They also create partnerships with government organizations, like school systems, resulting in regular, reliable profits.

You can have a metal sporting facility that is custom-designed to cater to local preferences that is easily reconfigured as new sports and events are embraced as time goes on. Your building doesn’t need to stick to sports either. The same flexibility that provides a venue for almost any sport can be turned to creating an area for other entertainment options, such as:

  • Concerts
  • Live theater
  • Business conferences
  • Science fairs

Building with steel allows you to create spaces up to 300 feet wide and any length. Line-of-site is excellent from anywhere in the stands because the space is column free. 

Besides offering space for sporting events, a steel facility is the perfect practice facility. League teams need indoor spaces so they can meet for practice regardless of the weather. An open-span steel arena configurable for any sport fits the bill perfectly. With high ceilings, football and baseball practice can be accommodated while an ice rink, basketball court, and other specialized surfaces can be added and made available for practice or profit.


There are some pitfalls which can prevent the success of a sports facility.

  • Insurance rates can create a barrier to working with children. The fact that steel is resistant to so many risks­ means your insurance rates in terms of property damage quickly offset the increased insurance you'll need to protect against personal injury.

    Steel buildings are resistant to fire, wind loads, snow loads, seismic activity, mold and mildow, and pests.
  • Location can be a risk factor. No matter the level of engaging and fun activities you offer, parents won't feel safe taking their children to a facility which is in a bad neighborhood. The close proximity of criminal activity or broken down buildings to your facility is a seldom considered risk, but it can bury your indoor sports business. Choose a location where your attendees feel safe and within easy traveling distance. 

    On the upside, many communities have a perfect spot for a new venture that is currently filled by a failed grocery store or similar business. After investing a few thousand dollars razing the eyesore, ­ a cost which may easily be paid for in part by your city, ­ building a steel indoor sports facility is affordable and easy.
  • A lack of parking can undermine attendance at an otherwise excellent facility. Not only do you have to consider parents and their families, but school buses may bring children to special events you choose to host down the line.

Indoor sports facilities have many benefits to help their communities.

  • Beautifying a struggling area immediately bolsters your reputation and gives people a feeling of trust in your business.
  • Providing a service to the kids in an area not only guarantees you a flow of business, but creates allies out of area parents.
  • Tapping into government grants and contracts available to organizations like school districts may be a stepping stone to expanding services.

As more people gather in cities, the need for sports facilities increases. An outstanding indoor sports complex can be a great draw for new industry and businesses. Parents and sports fans appreciate the availability of a local venue. Get started on your future as a successful, trusted, and respected business owner today by building a steel indoor sports center in your area.

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