Steel Strip Malls/Metal Shopping Centers

Strip malls are becoming increasingly popular in today’s economy. When deciding whether to construct a new strip mall or expand an existing one, there are many options and challenges to take into account. A Whirlwind Steel building will provide the structural solutions and options that fit your specific needs. A steel strip mall building from Whirlwind can help you overcome nearly every construction challenge that you encounter. Some of the benefits to constructing a steel strip mall include:

  • Multiple finishes and colors available
  • Can accommodate a wide range of heights
  • Wide-open spaces
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easily expanded to allow for growth
  • Speedy construction
  • Non-combustible
  • Quick and easy delivery

One of the cornerstones of operating a successful strip mall is finding suitable and quality retail tenants. Whirlwind Steel will design a space that can offer your clients many different layout options that are easily adaptable. We can also offer a wide variety of striking exterior add-ons, such as decorative brick, stucco, and stone finishes that will attract businesses and customers alike. All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction methods. Whirlwind Steel strip malls can be built very quickly and easily, allowing you and your retail tenants to open for business in no time. Metal strip malls are also energy efficient and extremely low maintenance.

Your new metal shopping center from Whirlwind Steel can help you attract - and retain - many different types of business tenants. Whirlwind buildings are designed to meet the specific needs of the various businesses that will be using your property. Our column-free construction can provide wide, unobstructed spaces that are ideal for large business such as supermarkets. Whirlwind how the know-how to modify their high quality metal strip malls to match any need and can be easily expanded.

As the popularity of metal strip malls has increased, Whirlwind Steel has emerged as an industry leader in design and production of steel retail centers by using only finest materials and cutting edge technology. The experts at Whirlwind Steel are available to discuss your business and construction needs for your new metal strip mall. We will create a structure that will serve you and your clients well, for years to come.

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