Residential Steel Buildings

Whirlwind Steel Buildings offers a variety of metal buildings to meet your needs. Our  residential steel buildings are built to meet the highest quality standards and endure the most severe weather conditions. Our metal residential buildings are manufactured to your specifications and will bring you generations of enjoyment.
Steel Residential Buildings
A metal garage, building extension or shed takes only a portion of the time to erect as other materials due to the nature of their fabrication. A brick or wood building requires far greater maintenance over its metal counterpart. Your residential metal building is built to perform in the toughest, most extreme environments.

You can also enjoy more efficient energy bills with our ENERGY STAR®-qualified roof products. The roof panels to our residential steel buildings can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees. This can help reduce your peak cooling costs by up to 10-15%.

Other benefits of residential metal buildings include:

  • A 35 Year Limited Warranty on roof and trim colors
  • Full degree of customization including aspects of insulation and layout
  • Quick erection and ease of construction, allowing one to get in their new building sooner rather than later
  • Complete compliance with local building codes
  • Enjoy lower costs than traditional building materials due to decreased labor costs and fabrication process
  • A residential steel home can be built over a pre-existing basement

Whirlwind’s professionals are here to help you find the right residential metal building for your needs. Our business has been customer-oriented since 1955, and our goal is your complete satisfaction with your purchase. Whether you are looking for a garage, a work shed or a new home; rest assured that with a Whirlwind residential steel building you’ll be enjoying yours for years to come.

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