Metal Building Pricing

As with any type of construction, the cost of a metal building is dependent on a large number of variables. Some cost-related factors, such as the jobsite, will be the same regardless of what type of structure is built. Most metal building costs, though, will vary according to the size, purpose and design features of the building.

The main factors that determine metal building pricing are:

•    Type, size, and load requirements of the frame.
•    Type of wall panels.
•    Type and thickness of roof.
•    Interior and exterior finishing options.

Steel Frames

There is a wide variety of steel building types to choose from, and each utilizes a different type of frame to support the structure. These range from a simple lean to frame, to welded rigid frames or column and beam designs. Each type of frame has different material and labor requirements, and therefore different pricing.

Obviously, a larger frame will usually cost more overall, as will a stronger frame. The frame strength depends on the design and use of the building. For example, a manufacturing facility with a crane system will require a stronger frame than a simple agricultural shed, even if the buildings are otherwise identical.

Wall Panels

The walls of a steel building are constructed from individual metal panels. Whirlwind Steel offers a wide variety of these panels in various profiles and colors to properly suit any building need.

Besides the type of wall panel and the number of panels needed to enclose the building, the total steel building price will also reflect the number of windows and doors that are placed within the exterior walls.

Metal Roofing

There are multiple types of metal roofs available. Some types of roofs are through-fastened with exposed fasteners, while others are standing seam with no exposed fasteners.

The architectural design of a building can have a significant impact on roofing costs. For example, a basic single slope steel building has only one rectangular roof surface and requires the minimum number of seams or gutters. An irregularly shaped building may require many different roof surfaces, some of which may take more work to shape and install.

Finishing Options

The biggest metal building price variables often have little to do with the metal itself. The insulation, interior walls, flooring, fixtures, plumbing, HVAC system and various other improvements can mean the difference between an economical storage shed and a luxurious home or office building.

When considering metal building costs, it is important to also account for differences in the building's long-term operating expenses. For instance, an ENERGY STAR® -approved paint finish may increase the total building cost, but it can reduce long-term energy costs and cut down on utility expenses for years to come. And, of course, the long lifespan of metal buildings means that those costs can be recouped over a greater number of years.

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