Institutional Steel Buildings

Maintaining a budget is an integral part of success for any venture. This is especially important for complex institutional structures such as hospitals and churches.  Inefficient planning and construction practices will be mean a loss of functionality and facility features. Whirlwind offers a variety of cost-effective, large-scale institutional steel buildings to meet your needs.
Steel Institutional Buildings
Building with steel offers a low cost alternative to traditional construction materials. Our streamlined manufacturing process and the long lifespan of metal institutional buildings ensure a return on investment second to none

Benefits of a steel institutional building:

  • Save money on cooling expenses with our ENERGY STAR®-compliant roof paneling.
  • Our engineers design your institutional metal building to be compliant with your local building codes; oftentimes exceeding them.
  • An institutional steel building can have a decorative and eye-catching facing for aesthetic appeal.
  • This style of structure is extremely easy to expand as an institution grows, saving you valuable time and money long into the future.
  • No matter the size or complexity, an institutional steel building can be customized to meet whatever your needs may be.
  • A steel building is non-combustible unlike its wooden counterpart.

Whirlwind  is a leading provider of institutional steel buildings with over 55 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. No matter what your needs, we can providing you with a high quality steel building guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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