Industrial Steel Buildings

Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc. is pleased to provide you with a variety of solutions to meet your industrial metal building needs.  You can save valuable time on the construction of your new facility by using industrial steel buildings. Our parts are machined with precision and our manufacturing process is streamlined to keep costs down and quality standards high.  More storage space or the addition of more workshops for your growing business is easy with an industrial building from Whirlwind.
Steel Industrial Buildings
Our engineers are certified and able to provide fully code compliant structures for our serviced areas. Our processes meet and exceed these code requirements as we want to ensure the quality and safety of our product. Your industrial steel building can have a high degree of customization with the ability to fit a variety of needs.

  • An industrial metal building is noncombustible, making it a safer area in businesses with heavy chemical use.
  • The building is fully customizable with the ability to add doors and windows just about anywhere.
  • An industrial steel building stands up to weathering and abuse in the long-term far better than traditional building materials.
  • Our designs can be made to accommodate a variety of cranes.

Whirlwind has been a customer-oriented business since our inception in 1955. We provide the both products and services that keep our customers coming back for more. As your business grows and you need to expand your industrial steel building to make accommodations, we can help.

Contact our professionals today for a free quote on your next industrial metal building project.

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