Steel Indoor Sporting Facilities

The demand for multipurpose indoor sports arenas has increased dramatically as various athletic programs for all ages and skill levels have grown in popularity. Whirlwind Steel can provide a high quality steel indoor sports building to fit the needs and budget of any sports facility that you may be planning to build.

Whirlwind Steel will design and manufacture a facility that can easily transition between many different types of activities including tennis, ice-hockey, soccer, football and more. Our metal sports arenas are highly adaptable and can accommodate the constantly changing needs of your facility along with catering to the requirements of your customers. Steel sporting facilities from Whirlwind will comply with or exceed any regulations that are required by local building codes and federal specifications. The benefits of a Whirlwind Steel sports arena include the following:

  • Choice of panel and trim colors
  • Built to any height specification
  • Column free open spaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily grows with your needs
  • Rapid construction
  • Non-combustible
  • Fast and easy delivery

Whether your plans involve a private business or a publicly funded project, one of the largest concerns you will face is cost. A Whirlwind Steel sports center is built in a much shorter time frame and is easier put together than traditional building materials, resulting in a reduction in overall construction costs. Metal sports arenas from Whirlwind Steel are created to be long-lasting and efficient, requiring lower maintenance costs and energy bills.

Many developers have chosen Whirlwind Steel to create their covered metal sports arenas because we provide the highest level of quality available. The products used in our steel sports arenas meet the highest specifications in the industry. Whirlwind Steel sports arenas are resistant to harsh environments and will protect your investment and simultaneously provide an ideal environment for players and spectators.

A high quality steel sports complex from Whirlwind Steel can be designed with nearly any configuration and can support seating for thousands of fans. Our column-free construction features unobstructed open spaces as wide as 300 ft and allowing your building to house any type of sports event.

Whirlwind Steel has the solution for all types of indoor sports facilities. Our experts will consider all your requirements and develop a design that will please fans and players for years to come.

Contact us today for a free quote on your next steel sports building.

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