Steel Riding Arenas/Metal Horse Arenas

Riding horses is an activity enjoyed by many, but not always available due to weather conditions or limited space. The experts at Whirlwind Steel can help solve this problem by providing partially or fully enclosed steel riding arenas for recreational or personal use.

Steel is quickly becoming the material of choice by riding arena builders throughout the world. Horse owners and investors enjoy the durability and flexibility of steel buildings over other conventional construction methods. Whirlwind Steel provides high quality and adaptable metal riding arenas for a small portion of the cost of more traditional buildings. Some of the benefits of a covered steel horse riding arena include the following:

  • Shorter construction time
  • Wide open interior spaces
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easily expandable
  • Non-Combustible
  • Speedy delivery
  • Variety of panel finishes and colors

Space efficiency and economy usually rank high among the priorities of those who are planning a project such as a riding arena. Whirlwind Steel can provide a steel riding arena that is designed to handle all of the anticipated activities and fit within a budget. Steel riding arenas are much more durable and weather resistant, thereby cutting maintenance costs and upkeep associated with conventional construction methods. The construction of a steel riding arena is much more quick and efficient as well, reducing labor costs and animal boarding costs that may be incurred while waiting for project completion.

The designers at Whirlwind Steel can create a steel riding arena that can meet any specialized floor plan required for your project. Our steel riding arenas are constructed without interior supporting columns, creating wide open spaces for riding classes or competitive events. Designs from Whirlwind Steel include specialized requirements for pens, livestock stalls, storage, or office space. Other available options are skylights to improve lighting conditions and choice insulation for better climate control. You can add additional touches of style with decorative rock, brick, or stucco panels. Whirlwind also has a wide variety of colors to choose from.

With vast experience in the creation of steel riding arenas, Whirlwind Steel has emerged as a leader in the steel building industry. Feel free to contact one of our experts to further discuss your steel riding arena needs and begin your planning project today.

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