Self Storage Building Components

Whirlwind manufactures a complete line of building components for self storage (mini storage) and covered storage facilities. We offer a variety of metal roof, wall panel and trim options suitable for a self storage project of any size or complexity.

Why Whirlwind?

Self Storage Building Components

Why should you choose Whirlwind to provide you with the material for your next self storage facility?

  1. Over 50 years of experience in the metal building industry and 20 in the self storage market
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. Vast selection of metal color coatings, gauges, and accessories
  4. Dependable, reliable service
  5. Quality metal building products
  6. Erection drawings available

Package Options:

Self Storage Components

A standard mini storage package includes:

All metal framing is screwed together and base plates are wedge anchored down. Minimum pitch is ¼ on 12.

Various Options

Storage Facility Components

Download our Metal Self Storage Building Mini Brochure.

If you have additional questions regarding Whirlwind Steel's metal self storage buildings or components, please contact us.


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