Recreational Steel Buildings

The creation of a recreation facility often requires unique features and the ability to operate within a strict budget. Traditional construction techniques and materials can be very costly when building large structures. Whirlwind Steel offers a wide range of cost-effective design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure the success of your next steel recreational building project. Whirlwind can custom design and manufacture any type of steel recreational building including metal gymnasiums, indoor soccer fields, hockey arenas and much more. Whirlwind Steel can create a steel building that will fit your needs at a fraction of the cost of other traditional building types.

Recreational Steel Buildings

There are many benefits of a steel recreational facility including the following:

  • Attractive and functional design with an array of panel and trim choices
  • Ceiling heights available to accommodate a wide variety of sports/activities
  • Wide open floor plans
  • Timely and convenient delivery options
  • Room for expansion to accommodate future needs
  • Short construction time
  • Non-combustible
  • Low maintenance

One of the most commonly appreciated features of a steel sports arena is column-free construction that provides wide open spaces and allows for unobstructed views from all angles. A steel recreation facility can also allow for exceptionally high ceilings which are often necessary for basketball courts, soccer arenas, and many other indoor sports.

Recreational buildings from Whirlwind Steel are not only functional, but also cost efficient. Steel buildings can be built much more quickly than other types, reducing overall construction costs. Steel buildings have minimal maintenance costs because they are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as normal wear and tear.

While highly functional and less expensive, Whirlwind Steel recreational buildings can also be made to be aesthetically pleasing. Whirlwind offers a wide variety of exterior designs such as stucco, brick, or stone panels to enhance your steel building.

Whirlwind Steel is an industry leader in the world of steel buildings. The experts at Whirlwind Steel are available to consult with you and design a unique steel recreational facility that is versatile and ready to house any type of activity that you may need to host. Contact Whirlwind Steel to find out anything you need to know about steel buildings and begin designing your recreational facility.

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