Steel Fire Stations, Police Stations and Municipal Buildings

 Local municipalities provide the community with public services such as fire and police stations but often the funds available for such construction are limited and the expectations are high. Building municipal buildings such as fire stations and police stations with steel will allow you to stretch the project's funds that are allocated for construction. There are a number of advantages why city managers are opting to build with pre-engineered steel buildings; convincing factors such as affordability, durability and energy efficiency.

By working closely with you and getting a clear understanding of your design requirements Whirlwind Steel will help you meet the parameters of your project while adhering to your budget.  Building with steel is a cost-effective alternative to other more traditional methods of construction. Pre-engineered steel municipal buildings can save up to 60% on construction and material costs. This is possible because we manufacture the building components to your exact specification in our factory virtually eliminating scrap waste.  In addition, precise pre-engineered components save you time on site. Since they’re easy to assemble and erect, our steel buildings have a shorter construction time which means a faster occupancy for your personnel.  

Once occupied, Whirlwind Steel municipal buildings are durable and low maintenance. Our metal buildings are fire and pest resistant. Steel construction is structurally sound and can withstand hurricane force winds. Day to day maintenance is minimal reducing the cost of building maintenance over time.

Steel construction is environmentally conscious. Building a steel fire station, police station or courthouse will conserve your community’s precious resources. We use 32-59% recycled material in the manufacture of our building components which can be recycled once again at the end of its lifespan. The environmental benefits of recyclability and durability are key elements in the selection of steel as a sustainable building product. 

At Whirlwind Steel our experienced construction professionals will work with you to meet the design and structural requirements of your project. When it comes time to expand as the demands of your municipality grow adding more space for operations or bays for additional engines is inexpensive and convenient.

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