Metal Storage/Steel Storage Buildings

If you’re an investor or starting your own business it is vital to keep start-up and operating costs to a minimum. At Whirlwind Steel, our experienced professionals can help you design a self-storage facility which meets all your spatial and functional requirements while staying within your budget constraints. 

Typically self-storage facilities require protection against the elements, security and a variety of unit sizes which are easily accessible. A Whirlwind Steel storage building is manufactured to your exact specifications at our factory virtually eliminating on-site waste and cutting construction times by up to 50% compared to more traditional methods of construction like wood and brick. Our metal buildings resist the elements as well as rot, mold, mildew and pest infestations.  We can customize your steel storage building to almost any length with adjustable bays and panels to allow for a variety of unit sizes.  Investing in pre-engineered steel storage buildings ensures you will have satisfied customers today hassle-free expansion as your business grows.

Whirlwind Steel storage buildings are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards with top grade materials. Our metal buildings are economical, energy efficient, strong and durable. At Whirlwind Steel we pride ourselves on quality, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction. With nearly 60 years experience and knowledge we can help you address all your requirements and provide you with the most efficient space possible. You can count on us to help protect your customers’ belongings and your investment.

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