Metal Shops/Steel Workshops

Whirlwind Steel buildings are the smart choice for your metal workshop, auto repair shop and more. Our metal shops can provide a variety of options for size and space requirements. Construction of shop buildings from steel can leave open the ability to expand quickly and affordably when needed.  In addition, steel is an environmentally conscious choice which contains up to 59% recycled material which can be recycled again at the end of its life. Our buildings are energy efficient which saves you money on interior climate control and creates and optimal environment for your business.

Other compelling benefits of choosing a Whirlwind Steel metal shop include:

Affordability – We manufacture pre-engineered building components to your specifications in our factory virtually eliminating on-site waste. Such precise sizing of components also allows for ease of construction. This combined benefit results in savings of up to 60% in material and labor costs compared to conventional construction such as brick, concrete and wood. Vastly reduced construction times mean faster occupancy.

Convenience – Rigid steel construction can easily span a tremendous distance without the use of interior columns which can get in the way of your operations. You can also partition to interior space to fit your needs. Whirlwind Steel metal shops are designed with the future in mind. Our metal shop buildings are custom configured and manufactured so it can expand with minimal inconvenience as your requirements change.

Longevity – Steel is non-combustible and pest resistant. We test our metal components for hail impact and hurricane force winds. In addition, our metal shops require far less maintenance than their more traditional counterparts constructed with wood, concrete or brick. Whirlwind Steel metal shops are easy to clean and require no upkeep and no re-painting. With warranties up to 40 years, our components ensure your building will maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Partnering with Whirlwind Steel will assure your steel workshop building or manufacturing facility is engineered to your exact specifications while keeping with the parameters of your budget requirements.  Since 1955, we have been committed to providing our customers with durable, structurally sound buildings. 

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