Metal Sheds/Steel Storage Sheds

Whirlwind Steel offers a variety of metal sheds to suit an array of needs - from steel storage sheds to metal garden sheds and everything in between. Our selection of residential steel buildings ensures that you will be able to find the quality you require for your project. The benefits of pre-engineered steel sheds are numerous including affordability, convenience and durability.

Economy of design is paramount. The affordability of pre-engineered metal sheds makes them stand out as an economical choice. Each component is manufactured in our factory to your exact specifications which eliminates waste on site and allows for ease of construction. A Whirlwind Steel metal shed takes only a portion of the time to erect as other materials. Such short construction times result in significant savings in material and labor costs. 

Steel is fire and pest resistant, it resists ding, dents and rot.  In addition a Whirlwind Steel metal shed is constructed of components which are tested rigorously for hail impact, wind driven rain and hurricane zones which means your metal shed will stand strong in adverse weather conditions ensuring you will enjoy your Whirlwind Steel metal shed for years to come.

Whirlwind Steel metal sheds require far less maintenance over its brick or wood counterparts. It is easy to clean with no upkeep and no re painting. Our buildings are also environmentally responsible. Our components contain recycled material that can be recycled again at the end of its life time.

Whirlwind’s professionals are here to help you find the right metal building for your needs. Our business has been customer-oriented since 1955, so we know how to ensure you walk away satisfied with your purchase. By understanding your needs Whirlwind Steel will partner with you to design a metal shed which meets your space requirements while staying within the limits of your budget.

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