Metal School Buildings

Modern school systems face special issues with the need for economical, adaptable, and efficient accommodations. The majority of public and private schools around the country face a student population that is growing faster than ever, leading to overflowing classrooms in spite of dwindling construction budgets.

If your system is trying to overcome the challenges of a constantly increasing school population while having a restricted building budget, Whirlwind Steel has a solution that can fill all your needs. Whirlwind Steel can supply affordable steel educational buildings that are flexible to suit your educational requirements. The benefits of a steel school building are many and include:

  • Appealing and functional with your choice of panel finishes and colors.
  • Low lifetime maintenance
  • Simply expanded to accommodate growth
  • Speedy Construction
  • Non-combustible
  • Quick and easy delivery

Any building that houses students should be designed to resist an immense amount of daily wear and tear while retaining its functional integrity for many years. A steel school building from Whirlwind Steel is a sound investment because they will always provide a strong and durable structure that can be always be trusted to protect your student body. Whirlwind Steel uses only the finest materials which will resist any outside elements while saving maintenance costs on an already strained budget.

Traditionally steel school buildings have been mischaracterized as unattractive metal structures with no personality. However, modern technology and design processes have enabled Whirlwind Steel to provide nearly infinite style and color choices that will compliment any existing color scheme for your new educational facility. Decorative panels such as rock, brick, or stucco are available to beautify our steel school structures. These options, along with many others are available to create a building that your community and students will take pride in.

The professionals at Whirlwind Steel know that building a new school or addition is an important undertaking. Many business and individuals have entrusted Whirlwind Steel to meet their metal school building needs. To find out more, you can contact an expert from Whirlwind Steel and discuss your needs and options. We have a plan to fit your location, budgetary, and design considerations.

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