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Building a gymnasium is about more than just providing an arena in which sports activities or special events can take place, it’s also about building a structure that provides a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for those in and around the space. A Whirlwind Steel gymnasium building can provide you with just such an  accommodation.

With shorter construction times than many buildings made of other materials, steel allows you the opportunity to get your gymnasium up and in use without costly delays. In addition to shorter construction times and faster erections, building with steel can save you huge sums of money when compared to traditional construction materials.

And if your school or organization is concerned about reducing the impact of construction on the environment, a Whirlwind Steel Gymnasium is the perfect fit for you. Whirlwind’s ENERGY STAR®-compliant roof paneling system can help your organization save money while keeping it environmentally friendly at the same time.

Here are just a few of the other reasons why you might want to consider Whirlwind Steel for your gymnasium construction needs:

• Safety – The strength and durability of a Whirlwind Steel constructed gymnasium can provide ample safety and peace of mind for students, parents or members of your organization. Steel as a building material can withstand and sustain outside forces over time better than many other construction materials.

• Cost Efficiency – Whether considering the short-term costs of constructing a gymnasium or the long-term costs of maintaining it, a steel constructed gymnasium will enable you to save money on both. The speed of construction can reduce associated building costs and the low maintenance of a steel structure can lower repair and upkeep costs.

• Aesthetics – It's a common misconception that steel structures are dull and unattractive - in fact, our structures can be enhanced with a variety of finishes giving you the exact look you want.

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