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It is critical to have a safe, secure and reliable place to keep your assets. A Whirlwind Steel metal garage meets all your automotive storage needs. Whether you need to store your family van, a classic model or hundreds of cars for your dealership, Whirlwind steel metal garages offer a number of advantages. Customers are choosing pre-engineered metal garages for several compelling reasons. These factors include cost and energy efficiency and durability.

A metal garage by Whirlwind Steel is an affordable alternative to more traditional methods of construction like wood, brick or concrete. We engineer your garage components to your exact specifications in our factory which virtually eliminates scrap waste on site. In addition, pre-engineered components are simple to erect. The combined benefit of these factors significantly reduces the cost of construction. A Whirlwind Steel metal garage may save you up to 60% in labor and material costs compared to conventional brick, concrete or wood construction. In addition, the time of construction is shorter resulting in faster occupancy for you.

Whirlwind Steel uses 32-59% recycled materials in the construction of our metal garages which can be recycled once again at the end of their lifespan. The combined factors of durability and recyclability make steel the ecologically responsible choice.

Whirlwind Steel buildings are durable and low maintenance. Our metal garages are non-combustible and pest resistant. We test our products for fire, hail impact, wind driven rain and high velocity hurricane zones. With warranties up to 40 years, a Whirlwind Steel metal garage will maintain its aesthetic appeal. Minimal day to day maintenance will result in reduced cost of building maintenance over time.

Keeping your automobiles sheltered from sun, rain and hail has never been so affordable and hassle free. At Whirlwind Steel we offer a variety of fully customizable metal garage styles. Our experienced construction professionals will work with you to meet the design and structural requirements of your metal garage. 

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