Green Building Products

Green FrogWhirlwind has committed to reducing the impact of building constuction on the environment through the adoption of a comprehensive green building initiative. The use of sustainable, green building materials coupled with a host of environmentally responsible, resource-efficient processes has helped define Whirlwind as a leader in the green building movement.

Our green building products are made from metal scrap generated from both consumer and industrial applications, and can be fully recycled at the end of a metal building's life-cycle. Whirlwind also offers a variety of products, including solar metal roofing panels, cool metal roofing and other metal roofing products that reduce environmental impact through the conservation of energy, the harnessing of solar power and the reduction of waste.

Highlights of our Green Initiative:

Whirlwind Solar Energy Systems

  • Solar Energy Systems
    • Renewable energy option
    • Lower electricity costs
    • Qualifies for LEED® points
    • Available on four Whirlwind roof panels
  • LEED® points available at no extra costs: Green Building Products
    • Recycled content
    • Emissivity and reflectivity ratings
    • ENERGY STAR® colors
    • Solar
    • Rainwater collection
  • COOL White™
    • ENERGY STAR-rated & CRRC listed
    • Reflectivity 0.75
    • Emissivity 0.86
    • TRI (Total Reflective Index) 91.7
    Green Building Materials
  • Solar White
    • ENERGY STAR-rated & CRRC listed
    • Reflectivity 0.7
    • Emissivity 0.85
    • TRI (Total Reflective Index) 84.5
  • All of our material contains a minimum of 32-59% total recycled content
  • Our material can be recycled at the end of its life-cycle
  • Over 17 ENERGY STAR-rated colors
  • Standing seam systems carry:
    • UL580 listing of Class 90
    • UL2218 Class 4 Hail Impact rating
    • Class A fire resistance rating
  • FM Approval on Weather Lok & Super Seam Plus
    • 4471 listing of I-90
  • Florida product approval and Miami-Dade County approval