Whirlwind Building Systems Order Document, [PDF: 17.7MB]
Standard Specifications for Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings,
The official standard specifications for Whirlwind Buildings. Topics include Drawings and Certifications, Structural Framing, Roof and Wall Coverings, and much more.
[PDF: 36 KB]
Design Practices,
A four-page handout with a brief explanation of building codes, load definitions, and design responsibility.
[PDF: 33 KB]
Serviceability Considerations,
Deflections are just one of the issues related to serviceability these days. This 2-page handout explains Whirlwind's standard deflection criteria.
[PDF: 23 KB]


Customer Info Sheet for C.O.D. Customers [PDF: 91 KB]
Credit Application and Sales Agreement for Open Terms [PDF: 126 KB]


These forms are used for both quotations and as a final contract to order a building.

Top-Running Crane Information [PDF: 341 KB]
Under-Running Crane Information [PDF: 292 KB]
Second Floor Information [PDF: 108 KB]
Layout Information [PDF: 77 KB]
General Notes [PDF: 26 KB]
Approval Waiver Form [PDF: 165 KB]
IBC Protection of Opening [PDF: 90 KB]
FBC Protection of Opening [PDF: 92 KB]
TDI Compliance - Inland I [PDF: 97 KB]
TDI Compliance - Seaward [PDF: 86 KB]

Whirlwind Builder Program

Whirlwind Builder Program Application