What is a square of panels?

A square is an area of 100 square feet.

How do I calculate my amount of squares?

You must know exactly how many panels you need, and how long each panel will be. Once you have determined this information, you can figure squares by this method:

  1. Arrive at a total length of all of your panels as if they were placed end-to-end. For example: 20 panels of 10’ 4” in length would be 206.6’ of the total length.
  2. If your panels are 3” coverage panels, multiply your total lengthy by 0.0317. This is your amount of squares. Round off your total to the nearest tenth of a square. 206.6’ x 0.0317 = 6.5 squares
  3. If your panels are standing seam or architectural types, multiply your total lengthy by the actual coverage of the panel and then divide by 100. 206.6’ x 2” coverage standing seam divided by 100 = 4.1 squares.
  4. The following multiplier should be used for their respective panels:
    Super Span & Low Rib .0319
    Cor Span .0283
    7.2 Rib .0325
    Weather Lok-16 / Weather Snap-16 .0133
    Shadow Wall-18 .015
    Sturdi Rib & Sturdi Span .0317
    Super Seam-II / Super Seam-Plus .02
    7.2N Rib .0269
    Accent-11 / Accent 11R .0092
    Weather Guard .01

Will Whirlwind figure out how much material I need?

Whirlwind will offer information and education on our products so you can create the most accurate list possible. We will then produce the products from your list.

Basic component orders do not include generation of a cut list, however our Project Service department can assist you with this and other complex details.

Is Whirlwind price competitive with other companies?

Whirlwind has been a price competitive factor in the component industry for more than 35 years. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our component growth, from sales of $2 million in sales in 1987 to $40 million in 1999, and $118 million in 2006.

How fast can I get my material once I order it?

Whirlwind's manufacturing lead times usually run about five working days. This, however, varies with the amount and size of recently received orders. We will do all we can to produce your order to meet your desired delivery.

Will Whirlwind deliver my order?

Whirlwind has a fleet of fifteen (15) trucks and agreements with a variety of contracted owner operators to assist in the delivery of your order. Delivery charges will vary based on distance and size of load. Please contact your sales person or Whirlwind's transportation department for assistance.

Can I pick up my own order?

Whirlwind encourages customers that want to pick up their own orders to notify the pick up location at least one (1) day prior to ensure the order is ready and packaged accordingly to accomodate all customers, and verify customer pick-up hours. As always, if you are unable to pick up your order, Whirlwind does offer a delivery service.

Do Whirlwind zees and cees meet proper specifications?

100% of Whirlwind's material used for zees and cees is run from coils conforming to ASTM A1011, Grade 55 (red oxide) or ASTM A653, Grade 55 (galvanized). This material meets the Light Gage Structural Institute (LGSI) requires.

What is "ASTM"?

The American Society for Testing and Materials.

ASTM is a not-for-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services. More than 32,000 members representing producers, users, ultimate consumers, and representatives of government and academia from over 100 countries develop documents that serve as a basis for manufacturing, procurement, and regulatory activities.

ASTM develops standard test methods, specifications, practices, guides, classifications, and terminology in 130 areas covering subjects such as metals, paints, plastics, textiles, petroleum, construction, energy, the environment, consumer products, medical services and devices, computerized systems, electronics, and many others. ASTM Headquarters has no technical research or testing facilities; such work is done voluntarily by the ASTM members located throughout the world.

More than 10,000 ASTM standards are published each year in the 73 volumes of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. These standards and related technical information are sold throughout the world.

For more information go to the ASTM web site.

What's the difference between a self-tapping screw and a self-drilling screw?

Technically, both screw types are "tapping" screws because both "tap" their own mating internal thread when driven into preformed holes. "Self-tapping" screws require that a pilot hole be pre-drilled through the panel and steel support member prior to screw installation. "Self-drilling" tapping screws have a drill point on the tip that allows the screw to drill, tap and fasten the panel to the steel support member in one operation. We also offer a sharp-point Woodtite screw that will pierce through the panel and fasten into a wood support member.

Does Whirlwind offer architectural panels?

At present, Whirlwind offers two architectural panels:

  • The Accent-11 Panel is a 24 gauge, 1" deep x 11" coverage, flat faced, concealed fastener panel used for fascias, soffits and liners. Twelve (12) Kynar 500® stocked colors are available.
  • The Shadow Wall-18 panel is a 24 gauge, 3" deep x 18" coverage, flush-faced, recessed rib, concealed fastener wall panel. Twelve (12) Kynar 500® stocked colors are available.

What are the standard panel warranties offered?

All prime roof and wall panels sold by Whirlwind Building Components offer a warranty, available upon request. Warranties are for 20, 40 and 35 years depending on the panel purchased. Secondary or reject panels are not warranted.

What paint system is used on Whirlwind panels?

All Whirlwind commodity colors are supplied by Aries. All other finishes Whirlwind offers are supplied by Akzo Nobel.

Does Whirlwind accept credit cards?

Yes. Whirlwind accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What are "reject" panels?

Whirlwind sells 16' long imperfect panels, called "Rejects". These are panels produced from the first and last parts of a painted coil. They are not warranted and are sold "as is", with no return privileges. Colors will vary. First-come, first-served.

What are "secondary" panels?

Secondary panels are custom order panels produced from imperfect coils, purchased just for this product. Colors will vary, check with component sales for specific color details. This is a non-warranted product. Defects will vary. Shape, color, edge damage will be a few of the possible defects. First-come, first-served.Check for availability.

Does Whirlwind offer Weathertightness Warranties?

Certain standing seam products qualify for a weathertightness warranty. Contact your local sales manager for more information.

Can I get my component order engineered and drafted?

Yes. These types of orders will go through our project services department.