Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings


Whirlwind Steel offers a variety of pre-engineered steel buildings for use in any application. Since 1955 we have been manufacturing pre-fabricated metal buildings for use in the agricultural, commercial, government/public, industrial, institutional and residential markets.

Our in-house engineering department uses cutting edge technology to generate precision pre-engineered metal building designs that ensure a lifetime of quality and durability for your project.

If you need assistance in selecting the perfect pre-fab steel building type for your needs, please contact a sales representative.

Lean To (LT)
Lean To (LT) LT buildings are ideal for use as office structures attached to larger WRF or CB buildings.

LT framing is an economical solution for expanding existing buildings.

Simple span frame design provides minimal horizontal thrust so foundation costs are minimized.

Diagram of Lean To Building Frames.
Single Slope Welded Rigid Frame
Single Slope Welded Rigid Frame SSRF buildings are ideal where drainage restrictions are an issue, such as strip shopping centers.

SSRF buildings are available with options such as straight columns and/or interior columns.

Diagram of Single Slope Welded Rigid Frames.
Welded Tapered Beam (WTB)
Welded Tapered Beam (WTB) WTB buildings provide maximum floor space.

Straight sidewalls allow interior finishes to be installed easily.

WTB design minimizes the horizontal frame base reaction so less expensive foundations may be used.

Diagram of Welded Tapered Beams.
Welded Rigid Frame (WRF)
Welded Rigid Frame (WRF) WRF buildings provide for the widest possible spans without interior columns.

Economical due to the use of tapered members.

WRF buildings are ideal where maximum available clearances are required in the center of the building.

Diagram of Welded Rigid Frames.
Column and Beam (CB)
Column and Beam (CB) CB frames are ideal when wide buildings are required and interior columns are required.

CB frames may be used with bar joist roof purlins when large column free areas are permitted.

Interior columns may be recessed for a clean appearance.

Diagram of Column and Beam Frames.

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