Building Owners

Building with Steel: 

Steel construction has numerous benefits including energy savings, aesthetic appearance, durability and longevity. Whirlwind’s metal buildings, roofs, and wall systems are offered in a variety of options to help you create visually interesting and architecturally outstanding buildings offering a variety of seam types, textures, and configurations efficiently and economically.

Our products are cost efficient because each job is custom made and can be engineered to meet specific requirements eliminating excess material. Whirlwind’s metal buildings, roofs and wall panels go through extensive testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards, making a Whirlwind Metal Building or Metal Roof an environmentally responsible choice for all construction needs.

Whirlwind’s buildings and roofs also help save energy when used in combination with an ENERGY STAR®-approved paint finish. The addition of an ENERGY STAR-approved paint finish on a roof can save up to 40% in energy costs, helping lower the demand on energy to cool an area, and reduce your electric bill.

Green Frog

Green Sustainable buildings are the wave of the future, which is why our material is manufactured with 32-59% recycled material ~ and our products can be recycled at the end of their life-cycle helping to eliminate landfill material. Along with sustainability, Whirlwind can also offer Solar Photovoltaic panels which are applied directly onto our Standing Seam Roof system. Read more about our solar roofing panels here.